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In this tutorial, I will show you how to setup your own PPTP VPN server on Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS.How to create a VPN using OpenVPN and Linux Written by Guillermo Garron Date: 2012-01-07 09:33:00 00:00.This is how I installed L2TP IPSEC VPN server from a debian squeeze Linux at home, now I can connect the VPN from my iPhone, iPad and Windows 7 laptop.

Free VPN - Free OpenVPN and PPTP VPN Server Account with Unlimited Data and High Speed Connection.Install and Configure OpenVPN Server on Linux. The VPN server is now ready to accept connections from clients (the topic of my next tutorial.) Details, Details.Easiest way to setup Ubuntu as a VPN server. up vote 61 down vote favorite. 54. For Linux, NetworkManager to add VPN connections.

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IPVanish is the best VPN service provider offering secure access and high speeds.

This assumes that in the Linux operating system, no extra application software.After installing the openvpn client to your computer and running the client.ovpn configuration file, you should be able to connect to your VPN server.

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How To Setup Your Own VPN With PPTP on Linux (CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian).VPN Client for Linux Option 1: Java Free Connection Method Option 2: Below is information on how to install the 32 bit Network Connect client on 64 bit Linux platforms.OpenVPN improves the security of public Internet connections.

PPTP Client is licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2 or later.

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To setup VPN (Virtual Private Network) on Linux Mint or Ubuntu, first of all you should get the gateway, username and password from the VPN service providers.

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We describe how to replace a Windows PPTP server with a Linux one, with the same authentication and encryption capability.TurnKey OpenVPN - Open Source VPN solution: a free open source virtual appliance that just works.

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YaST VPN Module Troubleshoot - Troubleshoot common problems with IPSec VPN server and clients.

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Setting up a Linux OpenVPN client. Then just add a new VPN connection.

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The best thing about Linux is that you can make it do just about anything.